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Dear Friends,

It's the end of an era. I'm pregnant with Album #2. There won't be any more Australian shows until he or she pops out.

The band and I have had a full-on 07/08. We've trawled through big chunks of this beautiful country and played to thousands of lovely people over hundreds of nights. I feel pretty lucky.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the Space They Cannot Touch tour. We finished up on Friday with a show in Cairns and found ourselves out snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef the next day, thanks to the lovely folks at Tanks Arts Centre. 'It sure beats working for a living', said Keir Nuttall.

Most of our party then boozed on in several Cairns backpacker bars, watching guys trying to implement the 'Rules of the Game' and failing miserably. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! It was far more amusing than the cane-toad races we saw last time we were at a Cairns pub (and more animal-friendly).

Apollo Bay Music Festival was a lot of fun despite the icy rain. We caught the end of the Choir of Hard Knocks (they were on just before us). I thought I never wanted to hear another cover of 'Hallelujah' but f#ck, they made me cry. Many of their soloists are so charismatic and funny. After their set a blind member of the choir had a bit of a hard time getting down the ramp backstage. She had to go very slowly with two helpers on either side. We were waiting down the bottom to get our stuff onstage. When she reached the end of the ramp Nicole burst into applause and cheering. The intention was to applaud her for the show, but it immediately came across as applause for getting down the ramp. Nicole realised her error, stopped clapping, and said, 'I mean for the show, not for...that' (gesturing towards the ramp). The blind woman did not reply.

We've done a rough 'bootleg'-mix of the live show from the Friday at East Brunswick Music Club. You can listen to 'Politics in Space' at www.myspace.com/katemillerheidke. We'll be adding some more live versions of new songs over time.

You won't hear from me much for the next few months. Keir and I are writing and recording full-time. It's been great getting more time to scratch that itch - I'm looking forward to digging in a bit deeper.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Warm wishes,

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