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Kate Miller-Heidke

Fans of KMH

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Kate Miller-Heidke Fans

Kate's a young twenty something from Brisbane, Australia.
Her career as a pop goddess is only just taking off. (so to speak)
She's been doing this for a while, but only recently has she been
really noticed for it.
Last year she attented and performed at the ARIAS.
Having been nominated for 5 awards, including Best Female Artist.

Her debut album 'Little Eve' was punched into the charts with the
first single 'Words'.
She toured like a mad horse with her talented band, all around Australia
still finding time to come out and sign autographs after every show!
After about a million years of touring and having released two more singles
off the album, Kate is now working on magical album number two.

Have fun posting here and just remember the following rules:
* Don't be rude to other members.
* If there are any official (music) releases, they will not be uploaded here to share.
* No spamming.
* No flooding.
* Make sure your posts are on topic and related.
* Follow the above rules.
* Have fun

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